NOVA BiB is the first alternative to the traditional Bag in Box System!

The spouts is in contrast to the old system combined with the tap. The beverage bag is filled with valve(s) through the front closure. This is from the ground up aseptically without complex mechanical and chemical processes!

The newest product from our company NOVA BiB is the CO2 Bag in Box - the Bag in Box packaging for carbonated beverages - with its own carbonicdioxide in the drink!

This is the world's first industry-standard packaging of this kind for beer, soft drinks, sparkling wines and similar drinks. The new system was designed to replace the well-known 3 and 5 liter metal party kegs. Meanwhile the product pallet reaches 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 L! This replaces all PET Kegs and widens the vessel volume range.

NOVA BiB HOME BEER COOLER 5 liters - 10 liters

with integrated CO2 bottle

feed your cooler with a NOVA BiB BEER BAG in BOX as a cardridge and tap fresh beer at home longer then a day after opening the bag!

The CO2 system keeps the desired carbonation level

on opened bags over weeks.

Buy the beer in a store or fill „growler bags“ at your favourite pub!

BEFORE                           AFTER !
180 L (6 x 30 L) BEVERAGE on 80 x 60 x 150 cm

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